Spain: Ronda

Breakfast at the hotel is amazing. Fresh squeezed OJ, cafe con leche, breads of every assortment and thanks to the brits we get eggs and bacon.
I keep meaning to get a picture of the food before I devour it, but it’s just too good.
At a hotel in Ronda. I didn’t get any landscape photos because it looks exactly like the drive through the California foothills.
It’s the bridge in the next picture!
Serious faces.
The old town.
Firefighters, mmm.
Maybe wearing the heeled boots weren’t the best choice today, but damn I looked good.
There are no Ferdinand the friendly bulls here. Only those ready to die are invited into the ring.
Cafe con lech!!
Gazpacho, cold tomato soup from this region (Andelucia)
Oxtail and fries. I opted for the most traditional item on the menu, and it didn’t disappoint.
Porter was most excited by the “neighs”.
Horse corridor to the bull ring.
Put on your tight pants, cause we’re gonna rastle with some bulls!
Alas…no bulls to kill, only circles to swing. I like this better.
Bull murder, worth getting dressed up for!
Original matador costume.
I learned today that many matadors have children immediately after getting married, because they often have their family jewels taken off by angry bulls. But they do wear pretty outfits.
Ronda was actually quite beautiful and we enjoyed it immensely.
Tomorrow, AFRICA!!!


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