Spain: Marbella Sick Day

Today Luke and I took a grown up day and travelled the Mediterranean Sea to the exotic markets of Morocco. Wait. No. That’s not what happened at all. That’s what was supposed to happen, and if we’re lucky tomorrow we’ll watch the sun rise from a boat between the continents of Europe and Africa. Today’s trip was thwarted by some nasty little mandarin oranges which didn’t sit so well with Porter’s little tummy. The day started early enough, but looked more like this:
If Porter looks green, that’s because he was. 3 hours of a heaving good time an hour long nap made today our rest day. He was holding onto that water bottle for dear life. Poor guy.
Luckily he made a recovery by the afternoon so we got to have dinner in Marbella.
Sorry Capitola sand castle contest, this guy wins.
Marbella sunset
Statues, NOT! Porter was intrigued by the performance artists.
Fish for dinner. So good.
Luke is teaching Porter how to do a traditional Alton photo shoot. This one is “hola!”
Tomorrow: AFRICA! (maybe)


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