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Are you still using Crisco? I don’t know anyone who does, I don’t think, but if you are you should read this article.

Yearning for the warm breezes of spring and summer and tired of waiting for the Farmer’s Market? Trying to eat at home more? Check this.

Trying to save $$$ in the kitchen budget? Me too. Get some thrifty ideas here.

Mind AND Body

If you’ve been following along with my weight loss journey, you know I’ve fallen off the wagon in a few ways. Trying to stay positive certainly helps me, and so do these ideas from Frisky Lemon.

Get dirty

I learned about lasagna gardening last year and while it’s too late for me this year, I just might look into doing it next year.

There’s a fungus among us! Mushrooms aren’t cheap and I don’t have the forest or fungus finding pig to help me forage for them. But now I don’t need either of these things because we can all grow our own. YES!

Politically Speaking

Porter is 2 now and he still gets breastfed, lucky little guy. It’s amazing to me when trusted sources don’t always give good or healthy advice, hmm?

Need more info on why you should avoid genetically modified organisms (GMO) in your food? Maybe you need the scientific stuff to really persuade you? Ok, here you go.

Because It Feels Good

I first met Honest Toddler on Twitter and was instantly engaged. I don’t even like Twitter and I would login just to see HT posts. Now HT has a blog and it’s hilarious. HILARIOUS. Having recently hosted a toddler party, I found this post especially funny.

Sometimes you just want to rest your eyes on interesting and beautiful photos. Twisted Sifter will do just that for you, and then lead you down the rabbit hole.


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    1. Of course Courtney! I’m excited that you posted the visual too. I learned about it last year but I had a hard time picturing how it would look and your post was so helpful. Thank you!

  1. Hmmm, you don’t know me, but I use Crisco. And I’ll tell ya the shortening works great slathered on cracked bleeding hands. Put it on, cover it with socks or gloves and you’ll be healed overnight.

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