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Know Your Ingredients

Sugar. As you know it’s a weakness of mine, but I’ve kicked it to the curb. If knowledge is power, then you’ll want to know which types are real so you can be powerful too.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all the food we eat came from the sunny pastures that are so often portrayed on the packaging? All too often, however, the animals raised for grocery stores are treated so so poorly. Where do you buy the meat you eat?

Try Something New

My son drinks kefir everyday. He calls it yogurt, but it’s better for him with stronger probiotics and no-lactose. Folks who can’t handle milk can often tolerate kefir too.

Considering the vast quantities of kefir consumed in my house, I’ve considered making it. I’m not sure yet.

Gettin’ Dirty

As if you need more reasons to grow a garden? Ok, here are 10 more.

It’s time to start planning your Spring garden! Oh how fun planning can be. Garden Girl videos on raised be gardening gave me the confidence to build my own.


I went on a Zero Waste bender this week, reading post after post of how to create less waste. Man, I’m inspired. Bea makes it look so easy.

Because It Feels Good

Parenting myth busters, HILARIOUS!

People watching at it’s very best.

This will make you laugh. Best First Lady EVER!

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