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I’m considering a switch to a barefoot style shoe. As it turns out, however, it may take a lot longer to make the transition than one might think. Le sigh.

Black Gold Love

Singing the praises of compost and all the things that should go in it. AMEN!

Eat It

Do you love Nutella? Yeah, me too, right off the spoon kinda love. I can’t eat it because there’s so much sugar it literally makes my teeth hurt. Well, not anymore friends, not anymore. Here’s you’re real food alternative to the sweet, creamy, nutty goodness.

Even vegetarians can get in on the Paleo love. Grok on!

Upon arriving in Maui, I promptly went and got a coconut so that I could crack it. It totally works!

Political Eats

I was sure that the Whole Foods in Maui would provide some form of pastured eggs, since hens are technically a tropical bird. But alas, there were none. It makes me so sad to know that even my organic eggs could very well be from abused chickens.

Who doesn’t love a good political food message portrayed in a rap video?

Because It Feels Good

You know you should be planting flowers for the bees right? Well did you know you can help the butterflies by leaving out old fruit. I LOVE this idea.

This one’s for treehuggers and dog lovers alike.

Finally, because I think this video is hilarious and will be planning my own boat excursion in the next few days. (Beware: F-bombs present)

Get your kid an iPad mini and they’ll give you little gems like this.








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