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There are so many books and studies claiming to know the truth about birth, but what I’ve found in my conversations with mothers and birth professionals are so many unique experiences surrounding each birth. A book or study can’t possibly take into account the actual voices of individuals. So what better way to find out than to simply ask.

That led me to what I call Knowing Birth interviews. I have come up with a handful of questions that, moms, dads and care providers will answer. I’ll then take their answers and put them directly on this blog.

The only requirement is honesty and openness, and maybe a few pictures too. If you would like to share your experience and answers to the following questions, please email me at and I will get the questionnaire to you directly. Anyone can participate and there’s no judgment from me about your answers. I promise to keep a close eye on the comments and keep ‘em clean.


Jenny, from the blog Heavenly Treasure. Jenny shares her family’s joyful walk in the Christian faith, recipes and beautiful family stories. To read her birth story (an amazingly quick surprise unassisted birth) you can visit Jasmin’s Birth Story.

Family Photo, baby Jasmin 2.5 months
Family Photo, baby Jasmin 2.5 months


Where did you choose to have your birth and why? What are your feelings about that choice now?

We chose to have our birth at home. My husband was acquainted with a midwife and it just felt natural to do it at home. I didn’t have much knowledge of homebirths but I was getting into a more natural lifestyle so it just fit. Now im soooo glad we went that route!

How did you prepare for your birth?

4 Days Before Birth
4 Days Before Birth

Much prayer! Definitely got much of my strength from God’s word. We watched many videos on youtube of women giving birth. I read Birthing from Within and took the classes, though we didn’t make it to the last class! We also came across Angela Stokes-Monarch having a conscious parenting summit. Through this we found out about unassisted childbirths and put it into prayer though we kept seeing the midwife, but mentally preparing for an unassisted birth.  We also had chiropractic care twice a week, took prenatals, did some yoga, and walking. We also had a lotus birth so we got things ready for that as well.

Who was invited and present at your birth?

At first I wanted everyone to be there! I don’t know why. As it got closer I just wanted my husband and only wanted our midwife to be there when necessary. It just ended up being my husband and I!

If it was not your first birth, please compare/contrast your experiences.

This was our first birth and I hope the next will be exactly the same or better!

What qualifications do you look for in a midwife/OB/primary care provider?

It was definitely a relief that our midwife didn’t push anything on us, listened and respected our wishes. We don’t expect everyone to have our same mentality but at least have an open mind and respect.

What is your ideal relationship with a birth attendant?

jenny 3Ideally just my husband! I’m glad our midwife is awesome and has become a friend. I don’t think I would feel comfortable with anyone else. I did consider having at least my mom there.

If you have received maternity care from both the medical and midwifery models of care, what are the biggest differences? Pros/cons of each?

Do ultrasounds count as medical care? Hahaha if so then I only had one ultrasound and only because the baby was breech for a while and wanted to make sure she had surely turned.

Did you feel adequately informed of your options?

Yes, I feel like we both looked deep enough into every option and possibility, thank God we came across free birthing!

Describe your ideal birth environment at this point in time.

I do kind of wish we would have had the birthing pool, but maybe not because I was having bowel movements the whole time.

How do you feel about the safety of birth in a hospital vs outside of a hospital?

An hour or so, still slimy!
An hour or so, still slimy!

Each has its place. If there’s a need then of course go to the hospital…when necessary. Other than that, outside of the hospital, wherever you’re most comfortable and have everything you need, is the safest.

Is there anything you would change about public policy relating to birth/maternity care? Why/how?

Oh wow! make birth centers, doulas, midwives, etc. the primary care. Publicize home births and midwifery as safest best option for mamas and babies. basically, spread the truth!

What do you feel were the most influential factors surrounding your birth? Why?

God Almighty. He provides all. He guided me on my maternity path perfectly and lovingly. He led me to every single video, book, website, person, that influenced my heart and mind to KNOW that I CAN DO THIS!

Who owns birth?

God Almighty! He gives all mamas the body and power to do this! We own birth! We are fearfully and wonderfully made to be fruitful and multiply. Our Father knows what He’s doing, and He is Faithful to answer our cries, especially while giving birth!

Happy baby! 4 months
Happy baby! 4 months

Want to know more about Jenny?

Check out her blog Heavenly Treasure at to learn more about Christianity, her family and baby Jasmin’s birth story. Thanks Jenny!

How To Join The Knowing Birth Series

Email me at and I’ll send you the questionnaire directly. There are no requirements, only that you have a voice about birth and want to share it openly and honestly.


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