Maui: Sugar Cane Train


Porter got to take a ride on the Sugar Cane Train, and the engine was made by the Porter Company 70 years ago. I got to take a ride on the same train when I was a kid too. He loved it, of course. We bought a week pass so we can take rides as often as we want. What a life! Aloha.P1020263 P1020321 P1020308 P1020304 P1020303 P1020299 P1020296 P1020295 P1020286 P1020279 P1020275 P1020273 P1020272 P1020269 P1020266 P1020265panP1020259 P1020263 P1020265 P1020266 P1020269 P1020272 P1020273 P1020275 P1020279 P1020286 P1020295 P1020296 P1020299 P1020303 P1020304 P1020308 P1020321

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