Weigh In Wednesday #11: Maui Edition

Alright, I admit it. I’ve given in to the island life. Especially since Luke arrived and we’ve been in ultimate vacation mode. I’ll mention that I brought a different measuring tape on the trip and was using it wrong (I know – face palm), so I’m rendering last weeks measurements void. Thanks to my laid back atmosphere and mentality, I don’t feel like doing it again until next week. I’ve been ok with my eating, not perfect, and great about doing exercise and yoga daily.

We play a lot. Days are spent: gazing at the ocean, identifying wildlife (turtles, whales, birds, crabs, fish, snorkelers), doing yoga, playing in the sand, floating in the ocean, swimming in the pool, eating guacamole and macadamia nuts, grilling fish and veggies, pondering whether or not Molikai (the island opposite Maui) has cloud cover, sleeping, laying in the sun, doing puzzles, and (lately) stand up paddle boarding. Island life is grand, but no place for me to get work done. Especially with the spotty internet, giving me even more reasons to log off. I’ve progressively been looking at screens less and outside more. It’s nicer that way.

We went to the aquarium and out to dinner in the last couple days. Porter and I did a bit of a photo shoot tonight while waiting for our main course. I have videos and pictures of paddle boarding and my novice attempt to hula dance (it was Body Jam night after all!) which I’ll post when I get all the appropriate technology together. Until then, I hope you’re enjoying your days as springtime peaks it’s head around the corner and aloha!

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