Happy Easter!

porter easter basketToday’s post is for the fam. This is the first year we’ve celebrated Easter with Porter. We’re celebrating the gift of Spring, and Porter was psyched (to say the least) when he learned of a bunny that will hide eggs. So yesterday we went to our friends house to color eggs in anticipation for the Easter bunny. That furry friend didn’t let us down. Not only did he hide our beautiful eggs, but he left Porter some homemade marshmallows and graham crackers. He also got Thomas the train bubbles and a kite. We celebrated with some more friends this morning and with the warm sun shining. I hope your day is beautiful, warm and hopeful for the days that are ahead. Happy Easter!

This was Porter’s favorite egg. He carried it around all morning long and loved it to pieces.

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This is a particularly lovely photo of my mom.
Getting tangled up in the Banyon tree in Lahaina.

And a few lost pics from Maui too. P1020462 P1020468

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