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Deviled, chopped in salads, sprinkled with salt…hardboiled eggs are delicious. But do you ever peel them and lose half the whites in the process? Here’s how to peel your eggs.

I’m grain free right now, but not forever. And my husband eat grains regularly. Sometimes it’s healthy to eat grains.


On my counter is a fancy bamboo compost collecting bin. You can also get them in assorted shapes, sizes and colors. Or, you can just make one yourself for a whole lot less.

Learning to cook real food takes a whole lotta time, don’t I know it?! Here are some tips that will help make it all a little bit easier to eat well AND spend time doing what you love.

Porter looked into our compost bin, saw straw and asked where the chickens were. We then went to the garden store where they had chicken coops for sale. Porter proclaimed that he wanted to live with chickens in the coop. Luke, this is why we should keep chickens!

Know Your Ingredients

Get this, your store bought apples are ONE YEAR OLD!

Onions! Love ’em all, but is there one that’s best for you?

Ever wonder if Kashi cereal is really as good for you as an egg?

Be Well

When you SHOULDN’T work out.

Swimming was my year round sport of choice through high school, but I hated racing and competitions. The best coach I ever had constantly had to remind me that the only person I’m racing against is myself and my own times. It was, of course, great advice for life too.

Thoughts on vegetarianism, meditation, pain vs pleasure and the omnivore’s dilemma (not the book either).

Because It Feels Good

Bert and Ernie – stone cold gangstas.

My sister in law is galavanting through South East Asia, as I type this. This isn’t a post by her, but it still gets me a little closer to the adventures she’s having.



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