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link loveLiving With Less

You can save some serious $$$ by substituing reusable and more sustainable goods for disposables.

You probably have a pantry, but do you use it properly?

Be Yourself

A couple weeks ago I confessed my less than green habits, turns out I’m not the only one! Sigh of relief, right?!

We had to pay Uncle Sam in taxes this year. It created a tense couple days, to say the least. Here’s a few ideas about how to stress less about $$$.


In my continuing effort to bring chickens to our yard, here are more reasons that backyard chickens rock!

Am I crazy for wanting to make my own soap?

It’s time to diversify into more crazy concoctions that need to ferment-in-jars-for-many-days-on-our-counters. Sorry Luke.

Eat it. Or not!

“If you love and respect your naughty bits, practice safe soy.”

For my vegetarian real food followers, do you eat these foods? Do you stay away from these?

YES! I’ve been waiting for this recipe for Ranch Dressing herbs!

Points, calories, carbs, food journals…bleck! I hate counting any of those things because I start to feel like a slave to numbers. Turns out I’m not alone. I knew it!

Size DOES matter. Plate size that is. We eat off of small plate, because they look really full with less food. It totally works. Plus you can always go back for more if you’re still hungry.

Because It Feels Good

Time for a little real food related laughter. Watch this video.

Being good to the planet feels good. It can also be an artistic expression.

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