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In an effort to eat more fermented foods, I started a ginger bug this week. This led me to what is now sitting on my counter – Strawberry Soda!

I don’t have any issues with deer eating my garden plants, but I know of plenty of people who do. Maybe this post on how to deer proof a garden will help.

Know Your Ingredients

High protein, low glycemic load food – it’s the longest living fad diet at millions of years old.

This article came out about Guar Gum and, although I’ve noticed it on ingredient lists beore, I passed on reading the article at the time. Then I went grocery shopping yesterday, and in finding a coconut milk with the least ingredients the only one I could settle on had 1 extra – guar gum. So I of course had to read the piece and pass it onto you.

Oh sweet bitter coffee. It’s the one special beverage that holds a place in my day, which I truly look forward too. And why is that? Well, the half and half has a lot to do with it, but I’m pretty sure the caffeine does too.

Get Dirty

My dad is a green thumb, and one of the few people I know who can yield a bumper crop of sun loving tomatoes just a few feet from the ocean, in the foggy coastal summer weather of California. Last week he planted his tomatoes, and my mom was shocked because he was planting them on the full moon. Here’s why she took note of the lunar calendar for this event. Who knew?!


I’m doing this decluttering with Porter, but I’m not waiting for his ability to count to 20. I’m going for 10!

Because It Feels Good

My parents swear up and down that they weren’t hippies. I’m sure that in 60’s-70’s they had a clearer vision of who hippies actually were. Unfortunately for them, I think that cultural vision has blurred over the decades. Lucky for us, we can all have a good laugh at the bits and pieces of the “alternative culture” (is that a better description?) that did indeed influence some of my childhood. Were your parents hippies?

Earlier this week I wrote an article about using play as exercise. This guy has the balance of a teenage circus performer – he’s 70 – and guess what he uses to keep his mind sharp, his body strong, and his mood positive? You’re right, he plays!

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