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Do you clean your toothbrush regularly?

In all my wheat recipes I mention the use of sprouted or soaked flour. With a few tools (which I don’t yet own myself) we could all be sprouting our own flour.

“…it would be nice to not feel like Ma Ingalls every time she prepared a meal.  I’m one step closer to a bonnet and a covered wagon every day, I think. I’ve got your pioneer woman right here, yo!” Real Food and the Busy Cook

Eggs are awesome! I’ve been trying to find a way to hard boil my eggs that doesn’t end in a chalky and less than appetizing yolk. Turns out hard boiled is too boiled for my taste, but this recipe for medium (she calls ’em soft) boiled eggs has worked perfect for me all week long.

Know Your Ingredients

Real Food talking points for your kids. I promise, these ongoing conversations are a whole lot easier when done from the beginning and will be a lot easier than some other conversations we’re all bound to have.

What are emulsifiers and why are they in my food?

I’ve found the perfect xeric plant! It grows in the sunniest or shadiest location, requires no water, propagates itself effortlessly, provides entertainment for kids and wishes AND you can eat it. What is this gem of plant (which I have plenty growing in my backyard right now, and organically no less)… DANDELIONS! Seriously though, I’m not even kidding about the eating it part, or the wishing.

Be Well

Do you suffer from migranes? I do. Specifically stress induced ones. Find your natural migrane relief here.

Do you schedule “business time” with your partner? Or maybe you just wanna laugh a little.

Here’s a lovely little list of must read books for before, during and after pregnancy.

Be The Change

So you just watched An Inconvenient Truth or Food Inc. or any other socially aware and slightly depressing documentary. The problems presented can seem so big that overwhelm and guilt sets in. How can one person (you) possibly make a difference?

Mother’s Day Is Next Sunday

Why yes, I’ll take all 5 of these great ideas for Mother’s Day, thankyouverymuch!

Get Dirty

Gardening with your kids is one of the coolest and most well spent time, I think. Here are 5 tips for involving the wee ones in the garden.

It’s seed season and you’re gonna want to know the difference between the hybrids, GMOs and heirloom seeds before you put them in your garden.

Because It Feels Good

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Babies, memes, go.

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