Little Naturalist

It’s true, I’ve been an arrant blogger. So let’s not skip a beat and we can all pretend that months haven’t gone by without a post and jump right back into it, shall we?

For awhile now I’ve been doing social media marketing, which I enjoy immensely.  Part of why I love it is that I get to work with some amazing people and companies who are truly do good in the world. One of these people is a holistic doctor and you can find his book here.

One of the necessities of true health is quality time spent in nature, for both children and adults. I’ve always been a fan of spending time outdoors, preferably without shoes. Working with this client totally validated all the good feelings that I get from spending time in nature.

On another note, in my world we are leaving the hot days of summer, where running around shoeless (and without clothes for some members of my household) are coming to an end. The air has chilled, trees are changing colors and I feel the season of hibernation quickly upon us.

Spending time with Porter outside this year has been awesome. He’s into exploring and loves being outside. I’ll leave this short post with photos of our adventures and with a quote from Dr. Scott the paleontologist (host of a favorite show, Dinosaur Train), “Now get outside and get into nature!”

“Fishing” in the Boise River
Flying kites in Ann Morrison Park, Boise
Wildlife viewing at the Boise River
Hiking with the fam in the foothills
Putting the zoo membership to lots of good use
Hiking near Exit Glacier in Alaska
Viewing Alaskan wilderness by train. There is no thrill quite like standing next to the open windows and letting the rushing air literally take your breath away. Porter and I spend 30 minutes, freezing, so we could be pummeled by the fast moving, and fresh, train air.
Fishing in Denali Nation Park, Alaska
More Alaskan fishing
The joy of no media whatsoever at Denali Park Lodge, Alaska
Picking wild blueberries on our hike up Blueberry Hill, Alaska
Exploring Alaskan backcountry
Visiting Malheur River Meats in Vale, Oregon. Where all the animals are raised in natural habitats. Oink!
Viewing piglets in their shelter
Peddle boating in Julia Davis Park, Boise
Rafting the Boise River
Soccer with friends at Municipal Park, Boise
Love the irrigation canals in our neighborhood, and the flowering cactus plant
Celebrating Boise’s 150th birthday at Julia Davis Park, Boise
After dinner family walks to Payette Lake, McCall Idaho
Appreciating the garden art at Ann Morrison Park, Boise
Make Way For Ducklings in the Boston Public Gardens
Hiking the Boise Foothills, Highlands Trails
Breaking mama’s back, hiking the Boise Foothills
child naturalist quote
Tree climbing with the big kids at Camel’s Back Park, Boise



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