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The Creative Year: 2016’s Resolution

Looking back on past blog posts, the ones that I liked best were the 2013’s New Years Resolutions of twelve 30-day challenges. In that same fashion I’m challenging myself to become a better writer. My friend, Elizabeth McKetta, is a writer and teacher. She’s written a book called The Creative Year which is meant to inspire and prompt people such as myself. Working my way through this book is my plan for 2016 and I’ll be sharing it the whole way right here.

This piece is largely unedited. It felt good to relive this experience and remember it with warmth and happiness. Without further ado, here’s the first prompt:

The Creative Year
#1 Prompt “It was my ignorance that saved me.” (write for 6 min.)

Since I really only remembered my first experience through the stories I’d heard, I pointed my skis downhill and made it happen. My ignorance of what pain I might inflict upon myself saved me. Saved me from never learning to ski, and from whatever my inner voice might have told me about my ability (or lack thereof).

The first time I tried skiing was when I was 15. I had been once before, at four years old, and screamed down the entire hill while standing in between my dad’s legs. I vaguely remember this. So when Denise took me to the top of the main hill at Northstar in Tahoe, and the only way down was to figure it out, that’s what I did.

Pretty quickly I figured out how to shift my weight from one side to the other, and slowly flung my ski-tethered form from one side of the hill and back in long downward S’s. My body, being athletic, coordinated, and strong did everything I asked of it. Oh how I took that for granted! Now that I know how easy it has been, when I ski now after many seasons off, I am no longer ignorant of my body’s ability. Like riding a bike I can still ski, but my legs get shaky sooner. I know the pain of falling won’t be so easily brushed off as it is in youth. More so, I know the distress of weakness in trying to get back upright and continue down the hill on tired out of shape legs and a core that has been corrupted by pregnancy.

That first time down the hill, though, was a thing of beauty. I fell once, in such a dramatic fashion, that people stopped to ask if I was ok. I was! I made it down that hill out of ignorance, totally taking my body for granted, and it was wonderful.

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