Weigh In Wednesday #5

This is me jumping across the finish line of my first Olympic Distance triathlon, The Spudman. Obviously it's a motivator for me.
This is me jumping across the finish line of my first Olympic Distance triathlon, The Spudman. Obviously it’s a motivator for me.

This week I suffered from a near lethal combination of PMS and this particular loaf of banana bread. I usually mark my weigh-in calendar with basic eating patterns: star = good day, circle = splurge day, spiral = bender (aka sushi night). This week when I saw that 4 days past the last weigh-in I’d been circling, as opposed to starring, I decided to just let go for the week.

The banana bread and accompanying brevés were delicious and I enjoyed every bite of the half loaf I managed to consume over the week. At least it took me the better portion of the week to eat it. It could have been the better part of an hour if I wasn’t practicing some restraint.

Since I had decided that my hormones were going to get the best of me this week, the new goal became maintenance. Or more to the point…avoiding the frozen dessert section at the grocery store. It’s been awhile and my good friends Ben & Jerry were dying for a visit with a spoon and my belly. Thankfully, I avoided them like the plague and survived this crucial week intact.

Last night I went to Body Jam (dance) and physically reset my mind and body for this next week. It worked and today’s been much easier. Although, I’ve had to power my way past the graham crackers I make for Porter, because they’re really freakin’ good. I’ve been reading my original post about why I’m doing this whole weight loss thing to help keep me focused. I also made some apple chips yesterday and they are a great alternative snack, sweet and crunchy. In the end I feel good about not going on any serious sugar benders. I still haven’t consumed any refined sugar or refined food products since the start of the year and I feel great about that.

Last night at dance I stood in front of the tiny portion of mirror that is in the room. I usually stay away from it because a few months ago I made the mistake of watching myself in the mirror and it gave me the sads (as Chelsea says). Last night I didn’t plan on dancing in front of the mirror, but after an hour of watching myself move I could see the changes happening in my body and that made me so happy.

When I’ve lost weight in the past, I’ve never really paid attention to how I was feeling internally, and this time is different. Acknowledging success in all it’s forms has helped get me through this first month, for sure. Here are this weeks numbers:

 Week 5, Jan. 30

Last Week

This Week


Weight (lbs)




Left Leg (in.)




Hips (in.)




Waist (in.)




Chest (in.)




Left Arm (in.)




Neck (in.)




Total loses since January 1st: 12 pounds and 12.5 inches

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  1. Hi Megan!

    I just found your blog post today and wanted to congratulate you on your efforts! And, to give you some encouragement. Last June, I started on a weight loss journey similar to yours – I wanted no part of a “diet” or “program” or other type of situation. I changed all of my eating to real, clean food – I eliminated sugar and processed carbs, got rid of all non-fat, low-fat, and processed food. I began eating grass fed or pastured meats (when I can afford them), I participate in an organic, local CSA for my veggies, and began cooking from scratch for my family. I am down about 47 pounds since my journey began and I got through the winter without getting sick! Usually, I would get sick several times during the winter – this year, I made it all the way through. My energy is high, I’m needing less sleep, and my mood is fantastic. I still have about 40 pounds to go to get to my “comfortable” number, but I’m confident that it will come. Exercise has been missing for several years, and I’m beginning to get back into an exercise routine. Anyway, just wanted you to hear some good news from someone who is doing it, and know that I’ll be cheering you on!! Way to go!

    1. Wow, thanks Megan (perfect spelled name BTW ;)) It DOES help motivate me to know that there are people like you who are experiencing success using similar methods as me.

      It’s hard not to kick myself for waiting so long to deal with my own health. But I suppose the grass is always greener! Thanks for your support and I hope you keep me updated about your successes too. Be well!

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