Weigh In Wednesday #7

tri finish 12 Year Old + Flu = Mama’s Weight Loss Kryptonite

Lucky for the world, this post is being written today, and not last night. I was in no sort of good mood last night, or the few nights before either. Since Christmas Porter’s been battling any number of ailments, which obviously hasn’t stopped me from pursuing my health goals. Starting last Friday he was finally taken down by the beast that has been making its way around Boise for the last few weeks. Normally it ain’t no thing, but this was my last straw. As a parent human, something had to give. For me it was exercise, then sleep, then the strict eating habits. This all makes mama a very sad, and really grumpy, lady. Thankfully, health appears to be on its way to being restored and I got to go to dance last night and yoga this morning.

I haven’t strayed from my real food mantra, but I gave into the cereal, graham crackers and pasta that Porter refused to eat. There’s also an admission that I have to make, and it’s been in the works for a few weeks. In my bathroom there is a scale, duh, and I am developing an unhealthy relationship with it. Every time I find my self in the bathroom, I step on the scale. Somedays I weigh the same, at other times I gain and lose pounds at a time. Seeing the fluctuation, while I know is normal, wreaks havoc on my outlook. It’s time to put the scale away and only bring it out on Wednesday mornings. Breaking up is hard to do.

In order to get back on track I need a goal. Next month Porter and I are taking an extended trip to Maui with my parents. I know, now you feel really terrible for me. My goal is to be at or below 240 by the time I leave for that trip at the beginning of March. It’s a perfectly good amount and I know I’m capable of doing it. While on that trip I fully intend to continue my weight loss plan and only hope I don’t overdo it on macadamia nuts (something I’ve already done in the last month).

This Weeks Numbers


Week 6, Feb. 6 Last Week This Week Difference
Weight (lbs) 246 247.5 +1.5
Left Leg (in.) 31.5 31 -0.5
Hips (in.) 51.5 52 +0.5
Waist (in.) 43.5 43.5 0
Chest (in.) 45 45 0
Left Arm (in.) 16 16 0
Neck (in.) 15 15 0

Totals: 13.5 pounds lost, 14.5″ lost

You can read my initial post about my New Year’s Resolution here.

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