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Now That I’m A Mother

Until I became a mother,
I did not understand,
The profound sense of love
In a mother’s heart and hands.

As I whisper, “Mommy loves you”,
I rock my precious child to sleep.
Small perfection in my arms,
Sweet breaths, slow and deep.

I now see me as a baby,
You’re rocking me to sleep.
You whisper, “Mommy loves you”,
My heart is yours to keep.

At last I recognize your love,
As a mother now I see.
As I hold and love my child,
You feel that love for me.

I will always be your baby,
Despite the years that pass.
You have given me my life,
And a mother’s heart to last.

The greatest gift I can offer,
More than words could ever say,
Is to give my child the love,
You gave me every day.

~Teri Harrison

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