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Penny For Your Thoughts

Do you suppose a moment captured in a photo can portray a person’s truth in that moment? Or does a persons truth take more than a photo moment? This picture of Keala makes me wonder this. I wish I remember what was going on that got her attention, maybe her big brother getting ready for school. She most certainly loves to watch him, that’s for sure.


Time Flies

Time flies when you’re having fun.
Fruit flies like a banana.
~My dad

Long time no see! We’ve moved across town, had a new baby, and grew up a little. That’s pretty much the gist of it. Let’s get back into the swing of things with some pics, shall we?


Mother’s Day 2013

mom and porter heartAren’t my mom and son adorable? I share with them such intimate relationships that I can’t even put them into words. My heart sings to know that they are kindred spirits themselves.

Who is it that can read the same kids book, or many books, an infinate number of times and never get bored? Who will gaze out the window with my son for hours, identifying every animal, plant or machine that passes by? Who will play make believe, with or without toys, to Porter’s hearts content? Not me, that’s for sure. The person who makes my son’s eyes twinkle brighter and his body practically burst with enthusiasm is my mom, his Tu Tu.

For a couple years now my mom has said, now you know how I feel about you. And I always nod my head in agreement. It’s only recently, however, that I’m begininning to understand what she’s said. The contagious happiness from my child, the worry about, oh, every decision, the wonder at how such a small person can be so capable of learning and loving in such an effortless way. This is how I feel about being a mother to my son, and I am now beginning to imagine this is how my mom feels about me, as a child and maybe even a grown up.

My mom is a great mom. She volunteered at my brothers and my schools, made our lunches daily, was always home when we parked our bikes in the garage, drove us to hundreds of after school activities, counseled us wisely, hugged us generously and never fails to let us know we are loved. She gabs with me for hours and inspires creativity, regularly. As a grandmother she astounds me with her patience and caring for her grandchild.

It is only since becoming a mother myself that I have truly made an effort to listen when my mother speaks. Try to acknowledge when she is right, to marvel at her awesome talents and to finally understand choices she made when I was a child. By being so close to my mother today and in growing up, I rest assured that what I experience as a mom is authentic and real.

Thank you Mom, for being real with me, for loving me unconditionally and for so clearly cherishing my own child. We are so very lucky to be in your family and to get to call you Mom and Tu Tu. I love you!


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Happy Easter!

porter easter basketToday’s post is for the fam. This is the first year we’ve celebrated Easter with Porter. We’re celebrating the gift of Spring, and Porter was psyched (to say the least) when he learned of a bunny that will hide eggs. So yesterday we went to our friends house to color eggs in anticipation for the Easter bunny. That furry friend didn’t let us down. Not only did he hide our beautiful eggs, but he left Porter some homemade marshmallows and graham crackers. He also got Thomas the train bubbles and a kite. We celebrated with some more friends this morning and with the warm sun shining. I hope your day is beautiful, warm and hopeful for the days that are ahead. Happy Easter!

This was Porter’s favorite egg. He carried it around all morning long and loved it to pieces.

P1020472 P1020473 P1020474 P1020476 P1020478 P1020480 P1020486 P1020487 P1020495 P1020499 P1020501 P1020504 P1020505

This is a particularly lovely photo of my mom.
Getting tangled up in the Banyon tree in Lahaina.

And a few lost pics from Maui too. P1020462 P1020468

Weigh In Wednesday #12 – Maui Edition

weigh in wednesdayAlright, I did my “new” measurements and compared them to the last measurements in Weigh In #9 (before my trip) and I’ve lost 0.5″. I’m calling that a success since I’ve been barely watching my diet.

I’ve been eating lots of salads still and avoiding rice and most breads, but I’ll tell you mochi ice cream balls and Lappert’s Kauaii Pie ice cream is too delicious to deny. I had planned to lose weight at the same pace as I had been at home, but obviously I’m in an island state of mind. This looks like many macadamia nuts, and more than 1 tortilla chip (but the guacamole was SO good) too. Now I have an even better reason to get back to hardcore when I get home.

I did give up my daily cappuccino for the duration of my trip and I’ve been really good about that. Porter’s also eaten an abnormal amount of french fries on this trip, so I’m sure his little digestive system will be happy to get back on track too. Now for some pictures!

P1020418 P1020420 P1020424 P1020425 P1020433 P1020440 P1020445 P1020447 P1020451 P1020454

Weigh In Wednesday #10 – Maui Edition

tri finish 1Since last Wednesday, my son and I successfully made the long journey from Boise to Maui. It took a couple days and a gnarly jet lack induced headache, but we made it and have been basking by the beach and taking in the good vibrations. It’s my plan to continue eating in the same fashion as I have been and to do a daily yoga home practice as my exercise. I’ve also gone off the cappuccinos for the duration of our visit.

Days Off

I did take a few days off, since I was packing and travelling and honestly didn’t want to think too hard about my diet. Thankfully the airplane food was awful and the free Mai Tai gave me the crazyiest rash and my “asian flush” got so bad that it’ll be nice and easy to avoid any tropical cocktails.  I’m also slightly obsessed with the Justin’s Nut Butter packs, and have been enjoying them daily. It could be worse.

About The Actual Weigh In

The clencher is that there is no scale here in the condo. I seriously considered going to the drug store and weighing myself there, but then decided that since I’ve got a slight addiction to my scale at home that I would not weigh myself for the duration of my trip. Instead I’ll focus on my measurements. I will admit that even though I mentioned I wanted to put my scale away at home, it didn’t happen. What I’ve noticed in the last few days of not checking my weight multiple times a day has drastically improved my mood. Lesson learned.

#10 3/6/13 Last Week This Week Difference
Weight (lbs) 243 ? ?
Left Leg (in) 31 30.5 -0.5
Hip (in) 51 51 0
Waist (in) 42.5 42.5 0
Chest (in) 45 44 -1
Left Arm (in) 15.5 15 -0.5
Neck (in) 15 14.5 -0.5

TOTALS: ? Pounds & 20 Inches

And Now For Some MAUI!

Porter LOVES the beach. It’s the biggest sandbox a kid could ask for. We’ve been going to a great beach nearby that has a perfectly situated reef for making shallow pools, soft sand for digging, trees for shade, is across from burritos and salad bar with the added bonus of a playground. It’s safe to say that Porter would be happy to live there all year round. We got to go and see a kids performance of hula, and it was incredibly good. I think if we go every week that by the 3rd week Porter will actually get up and dance. Then there is the lovely island flora. I included a picture of my standard breakfast here, because it’s really good: eggs, hot sauce, guacamole and macadamia nuts. Porter’s been enjoying kefir smoothies everyday. Tutu and Pop pop are absolute heros and who knew it was possible to love them more? Porter did, actually, and I love each and every one for that. Aloha!

P1020115 P1020167 P1020170 P1020173 P1020175 P1020177 P1020190 P1020194 P1020212 P1020214 P1020222 P1020238 P1020240 P1020241 P1020246 P1020247 P1020249 P1020252 P1020253 P1020255

Weigh In Wednesday #8 & Luke’s Birthday

tri finish 1Ahh, another week has past and here we are again. This last week was full of events and hurdles to eating right and exercising, but I’m happy to report it went pretty well.


My mother in law came to visit and that reset the Porter-Mama switch and we’re all getting along better. A little time apart and we can remember how much we love each other and how much good sleep will do us all.


My beloved turned 33 this week and we celebrated by going to the trampoline joint and getting our jump on. That’s a calorie burner for sure. For dinner I made macaroni and cheese and we finished with chocolate cake.

That’s right, homemade (thanks Anna!) chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. It was light and fluffy and, if you didn’t know, my absolute favorite kind of cake in the world. You better believe I had a piece. I split a piece with my friend and had a dollop of ice cream. My dinner had been a nice salad with a side of gumbo. After my meal I felt nice and balanced and treated.

The Attack

Not as innocent as it looks.
Not as innocent as it looks.

Then everyone left and the cake remained behind. You know where this is going. For about 30 minutes I avoided it. But then, like a beast, another slice jumped off the cake stand and into a bowl. It pushed me down in the chair and FORCED me to consume a second full slice of cake. I resisted, turned my head, sealed my lips.

But to no avail…it found its way down my gullet and into my belly. It only took a few moments before my jaw got tight and my tummy began to get queezy and achey. Boo. Turns out too much chocolate is (still) no bueno.

Lesson Learned? I hope so.

Not only did have to fight the guilt I now felt, but I felt sick too. I think the first time I learned this lesson I was probably 5. It’s a mistake I’ve made countless times through my life. When will I learn??

Alas, I’m moving forward today without guilt and having learned that lesson, again. This morning I threatened to throw the rest of the cake away, and Luke gladly took it to work to share.  All in all this week was actually a success and I made such healthy choices otherwise. That’s what I’m going to focus on.


#8 2/20/13 Last Week This Week Difference
Weight (lbs) 247.5 246 -1.5
Left Leg (in) 31.5 31 -0.5
Hip (in) 52 51.5 -0.5
Waist (in) 43.5 43.5 0
Chest (in) 45 45 0
Left Arm (in) 16 16 0
Neck (in) 15 15 0

Total lost: 15 pounds & 15.5 inches

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Happy Birthday Luke!! We love you!!

Danny said he wasn't going to jump. Clearly he only came to flip!
Danny said he wasn’t going to jump. Clearly he only came to flip!
We had a great time and Porter got his fill of non-real food. He would have licked off the icing from every cupcake and got his fill of cheese pizza. The whole thing got a thumbs up.
We had a great time and Porter got his fill of non-real food. He could have licked off the icing from every cupcake and got his fill of cheese pizza. The whole thing got a thumbs up.


How To: Practice Gratitude

gratitudeEverybody goes through trying times, right? Today was my turn. I try not to complain, because it doesn’t do a whole lot of good, but sometimes I just have to get it out of my system.

Here’s The Story

Since Christmas Porter has had any assortment of illnesses and rashes overlapping one another. I’m a good mom: monitoring his well-being, going for chiropractic adjustments, feeding him nutritious food. He’s been in relatively high spirits and, other than the physical signs of sickness, we’ve been going about our business.

Until this morning, where upon his right hand appeared an entirely new rash that spread rapidly to his elbow. Strangely, his various rashes have mostly been on his right side from foot to arm. We’ve been potty training and cleaning our hands a lot more, but this was no dry skin. Defeated, I finally gave in and called his pediatric DO (osteopathic doctor) to make an appointment.

Do you love your kids doctor?

As a side note, I used to be a firm believer in strictly going to family doctors. After our family DO went out of private practice the only DO I could find locally was a pediatrician. Turns out I really like having a pediatrician, because they do everything in their power to see sick kids that same day. They also see kids all the time and I find they have a better immediate knowledge of what seems to be going around in the community. I like that.

Back to the story…

While making breakfast I was also able to get Porter an appointment for 10am, entirely rearranging my day and missing yoga (sad face). We went in and the doctor looked over Porter’s skin and symptoms, confirming all of my own suspicions (I love my intuition, when I listen):

  • The minor breakout of Hand Foot & Mouth on his right foot was residual from when he had the full-blown virus last year and it flared (in that foot only) after he had the flu in January.
  • The rough/dry rash on his abdomen and thighs were eczema from the dry conditions and my foolish mistake to try to change laundry detergent.
  • Yes, his head cold was just that.
  • But this funky new rash on his right arm was a little strange. She was 90% sure it was viral and would pass in the next week, but there was that 10% chance that it was a quick-moving bacterial infection that would need immediate treatment.

The Prescription

Thanks to modern science we could easily find out by a simple blood draw…on a 2-year-old (WTF?!) Even the pediatric nurses don’t do those, so we bopped down to the local hospital for the pediatric phlebotomists assistance. We had a lovely time checking in. That’s where the fun stopped.

“No blood.”

Preparing my son for upcoming events is pretty important to making a smooth transition, so I mentioned briefly what was going to happen to him. His response, and continual confirmation was, “No blood.” Great, I just made it worse.

Now, I’ve had blood drawn and it’s no big deal really (even with my miniscule and hidden veins) and the professionals today were quite precise and quick. But my sweet boy didn’t know what the heck was going on and upon seeing the needle proceeded to scream bloody murder, and when he got stuck the tears burst forth like a fountain.

As his mom I was, as usual, charged with holding him firmly and trying to soothe him simultaneously. Words can’t explain how badly this sucked for the both of us. Long story short, the test came back fine and death is not imminent. Our day proceeded somewhat normally, albeit a little lower in energy.

What is a person to do to recover?

Pull out the gratitude journal.

Every night before bed, for over a year now, I write one thing I’m grateful for and one thing I see in my son from the day that is an indicator of his essence and the person he is becoming. Tonight I’m going to share with you a few of the things I’ve been grateful for lately, as a reminder to myself.

Keeping a gratitude journal is easy and takes a moment to do. Once you do it for about a month it becomes habit, like brushing your teeth. It gives you something positive to look for while going through your day, and I find that practice is so beneficial to my overall health. Try it.

I am grateful for…

  • Good good friends and the time to catch up with them.
  • Fortitude to parent correctly.
  • My husband who still loves me and a sweet boy who forgives.
  • Experiences in my past that make me wise today.
  • Knowing how to prepare life-sustaining food.
  • Entertainment.
  • Having parents who live courageously.
  • The generosity of those in my life.
  • Being humbled by Vinyasa yoga.
  • Dance.
  • Making new friends.
  • Old friends.
  • My son’s amazing father.
  • And today’s gratitude: having health insurance and a Health Savings Account (HSA)

What are you grateful for? Share in the comments below.

Follow inspiration, even if it hits you while walking on the train tracks.
Follow inspiration, even if it hits you while walking on the train tracks.


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