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Weigh In Wednesday #23 Heat Wave

weigh in wednesdayPhew! What a week this has been. Imagine the back drop of a heat wave that has lasted for 6 days and has brought us temperatures of 102-106*. Without air conditioning and an older home, the box elder bugs have come out in full force. Like, jungle bug status. Totally gross! Porter has caught a head cold, throw in a wildfire or two, and we decided to move into a hotel for 3 days.

It’s one of those situations that makes me grateful for the life we have that includes plenty to eat, cold water and shelter when things get bad. On the other hand, Porter repeated the F-word today after hearing me mutter it under my breath. Yes, I swore.

What has come out of this overwhelming week is that I now believe I can do anything if I live in a home with A/C. I’ve also come to wonder what the heck humans were thinking when we settled in the deserts of the west. Seriously.What.Were.We.Thinking? I’ve also decided that I want to move our little family to a foreign country for awhile, to spice things up and have an adventure. We’ll see how that one goes over.

One of my requirements of our stay-cation location was that it have a pool. We opted for the Marriot Residence Inn, which has met all of our needs entirely. Not only do they have a pool, but a hot tub too. Because what feels so good in the midst of a heat wave and after a jump in the pool? A nice soak in the hot tub! I kid you not.

I was sitting in the hot tub this evening in a rare moment of solitude AND relaxation and I had a thought. (I do still occasionally have them, but only briefly.) Maybe it was the all the heat getting to me, but I think there’s a kernel of truth in this. It goes like this:

What if the person I was, and the person I thought I was going to be (as a parent), is entirely different than who I actually am?

After going through such a metamorphosis as growing and birthing a person and ending a full time career, how I could presume to be the same person I was before? I do believe that’s the opposite of a metamorphosis. Maybe I’m no caterpillar? But a lovely butterfly now?

Silly me. I thought that birthing a child was all that I required to be a mom. I believe, now, that it takes more time, personal reflection and open mindedness than I had originally assumed. Remembering that I’m a person outside of being a mother is important too. And definitely learning to lose or give up control. LOTS of that.

On the health note, this week I did an awesome workout with my friend Sarah. I was sore for days and in places I haven’t felt in years.

Here was my favorite quote of the week:

The diet gurus tell us that we have to give ourselves eating disorders in order to lose weight. We do not.


Weigh In Wednesday #22

weigh in wednesdayIt’s a strange feeling when someone as confident as I am in my body’s ability becomes angry and frustrated at that same body. One which has allowed me to dance, run, jump, swim, sing, birth, see, hear, taste, love and learn. The body that got me to this finish line after completing an Olympic distance triathlon: mile swim, 25 mile bike and 6 mile run and then to leap over the finish line.


I knew I had some body issues (I did grow up in the US after all), but I can’t tell if I’ve always had them or if doing this challenge has created them. Either way, I’ve found myself getting mad at my body for not contorting itself at the pace I want it to. I WANT IT NOW! Alas, I’m a product of my times and have become impatient and cranky with mother nature (aka my changing body.)

Recognizing this about myself, and this awkward feeling of mistrust in my body, I have decided that I need to take some time to regain confidence in my body. I’ve been following GoKaleo on Facebook (she’s ever so slightly militant about not dieting and self love), searching through blogs of moms who are proud of their stretch marks, and making a concerted effort to move my body in ways that make me happy and to eat real food. Any real food I want. It’s strange that I’ve gotten to the point of demonizing a slice of homemade sprouted wheat bread with almond butter.

In an effort to cut my self and my body some slack I’ve re-instituted positive affirmations and decided to stop weighing/measuring myself until I get this ish in order. Weigh In Wednesday will continue, but with a more positive message about self love and acceptance.

Something tells me this challenge will last longer than the designated year. My parents always say that a plan is something to have for when life isn’t happening. Welcome back life! It’s nice to see you again, I missed you.

My affirmations for now:

  • I love my body.
  • I love my self.
  • I love my life.
  • I am unbelievably, utterly and immeasurably beautiful.
  • I am exactly perfect just as I am.

My favorite quote from the week:

“ok. 30 days of no sugar, no alcohol, no dairy, no grains, no coffee. and yet the muffin top? it persistith. time to get down with some of this ‘accepting yourself as you are’ BS i keep reading about.”

~Jade from A Beautiful Body Project  <–You NEED to check this out!

Weigh In Wednesday #21

weigh in wednesdayGET BACK ON YOUR HORSE!

“Long ago, warriors trained daily to hone their mental focus, physical strength, and skills in preparation for meeting any situation in battle. Battles, like birth, are not choreographed. Never knowing exactly what to expect, a warrior has to be spontaneous and creative on the spot.

Picture a woman riding into battle on her decorated warhorse. Imagine her engaged in a fierce battle, when suddenly she loses her balance or is knocked off her horse. She hits the ground hard, but the battle continues.

What can she do?

She could feel defeated or ashamed for falling off her horse; she could give up or ask people what she should do. While waiting or trying to decide, she might get trampled. Or, instead, knowing that falling off the horse is part of the battle, and not shameful or weak, she can get back on her horse, continuing to do her best, moment-by-moment, without attachment to outcome.”

~Excerpt from Pam England and Virginia Bobro’s new book-in-progress

#21 6/19/13 Last Week This Week Difference Overall Loss
Weight (lbs) 244 249 5 12lbs
Left Leg (in) 30.5 31 0.5 -1.5
Hip (in) 50 51 1 -3
Waist (in) 42.5 43 0.5 -8
Chest (in) 45 46 1 -1.5
Left Arm (in) 15.5 16 0.5 -1
Neck (in) 15 15 0 -1
Total inches Lost 16″


Weigh In Wednesday #19

weigh in wednesdayEvery Wednesday when I step on the scale I have to weigh myself anywhere from 5-8 times. I do this because often my scale will give me wildly varying numbers within a four pound range. It’s like spinning that giant wheel at the end of the Price Is Right.

In an effort to be scientifically accurate (haha) I wait until I get the same number three times. Eventually my scale settles on a number and that’s what I go with. Today, however, my scale was absolutely certain about my weight and didn’t differ it’s opinion one little bit. No reason to share this, just a silly bit of info.

#19 5/8/13 Last Week This Week Difference Overall Loss
Weight (lbs) 239 238 -1 23 lbs
Left Leg (in) 30 30 0 -2.5
Hip (in) 49.5 49.5 0 -4.5
Waist (in) 41 41 0 -10
Chest (in) 44 44 0 -3.5
Left Arm (in) 15.5 15.5 0 -1.5
Neck (in) 15 15 0 -1
Total inches Lost 23″

Weigh In Wednesday #18

weigh in wednesdayBefore I get into the numbers, let me share with you how the latter half of last week went. As you remember I had backslid 4 pounds. Well, it didn’t stop there. By Friday I had consumed more ice cream, sourdough toast, baked goods, a milk shake, cinnamon bears (definitely not real food) and cookies. I didn’t give a damn. I stepped on the scale Saturday morning and it registered a whopping 248. Double take, what?! Yeah, that’s 10 pounds in 10 days. 10 DAYS!

Obviously my body didn’t convert all that into fat, but I was well on my way to destroying months of hard work, as you well know. You’ll be happy to know that I turned it around, and practically on a dime. Sigh of relief! So what changed?

I knew I had to get back on track ASAP. I went to the farmer’s market and avoided the (bountiful) doughnuts and took solace in the fact that I’m trying to get my grocery bill down. I focused on sticking to my list and finding good deals. I was tempted through the day, but knew if I could make it to dinner with my friends there was the possibility of s’mores.

Yeah, you read that right. More sweets as a reward for being good. I said it. Clearly, my issues with food go deep, and old habits (mindsets) die hard. Or maybe they don’t die at all and I’ll be up against these issues for the rest of my days? I hope not.

Any-who, we made it to Chelsea’s for dinner and all my besties were there. They also brought their kids and it was a downright shindig. I loved it. I think I missed my people and desperately needed to get back in touch with them. Let me explain.

Not only does this group of friends go way WAY back in time, but we eat together a lot. This has included bouts of ice cream and baked goods and the occasional binge too. These bad habits, however, were a long time ago. In the last few years we’ve supported each other’s goals to eat right and live healthy. We share a love of Real Food, cooking, and can always count on the foods that we bring to be edible to just about everyone. In other words, I can eat guilt free with these people.

Not only do we create and share meals together, but I’m not the only one finding my way to health through reduced carbs and elimination of refined and processed foods. I am regularly inspired by my friends who are also losing weight and finding joy in their own bodies. This last Saturday, eating with these folks, felt like I was being brought back into the fold. It was just what I needed to get back on track.

This all sounds a little dramatic, and maybe it is, but I am so grateful to my friends. Never once have they judged me and they have always been supportive. They were the only people who’s jaws didn’t drop when I told them of my goal to lose 100 pounds and how I planned on doing it. They totally got it from the start. And the best part is that their support comes from just being themselves. That’s why we’re so close and that’s how they keep me real.

The result…I’m back! Getting into my groove was 100% easier than starting from scratch, because I have the tools and ingredients to make all the right choices. Phew, that was a close one!

For the record, I did not have s’mores. Porter’s bedtime rolled around and while I seriously considered pushing that limit for the sake of a treat, I (struggled) used it as an opportunity to leave the party. It was really hard. I really wanted to stay and enjoy some more sugar and good company. Sometimes removing myself from a situation is the best possible way to deal.

I’m confident that today (only 4 days later) if I was confronted with s’mores I could happily decline them. How do I know? Because I’ve been fantasizing about a milkshake all morning. I even passed the (drive thru) shop that makes them and I chose not to stop. Part of my decision to pass was because I get to report to you about my small victories. Thank goodness for those and thank goodness for all of you too!

#18 5/1/13 Last Week This Week Difference Overall Loss
Weight (lbs) 242.5 (248) 239 -3.5 22 lbs
Left Leg (in) 30.5 30 -0.5 -2.5
Hip (in) 50 49.5 -0.5 -4.5
Waist (in) 42.5 41 -1.5 -10
Chest (in) 44.5 44 -0.5 -3.5
Left Arm (in) 15.5 15.5 0 -1.5
Neck (in) 15 15 0 -1
Total inches Lost 23″

Weigh In Wednesday #17

weigh in wednesdayAll week long I’ve been trying to figure out how I was going to write this week’s weigh-in post. Maybe I’d lie a little? No. Maybe I’d make excuses? No. Maybe I’d blame it on the moon? No. Honestly, I just stopped watching what I ate this week. Not permanently, I just needed a sanctioned break.

There was a beautiful loaf of sourdough from the market, that desperately needed to be eaten toasted with butter (I didn’t eat it all, just a few slices). And I did the Lactation Cookie post, so I had to make those and eat some of them. And I really wanted to know what my food tastes like served with rice, so I ate it. I went out with the ladies and had not one but TWO cocktails, a burger AND fries. It all tasted delicious. Portions, what are those again?

Here’s what it felt like. The sourdough was amazing, crunchy, buttery, tasted great going down. The lactation cookies eventually gave me heart burn (as they eventually did when I was eating them daily after P was born). I still had plenty of energy to dance on Tuesday night, but less enthusiasm. I’m feeling lethargic. That has something to do with the next paragraph too.

P has been suffering from some gnarly allergies, which includes copious amounts of fluid leaking from every orifice of his face and an insane amount of coughing. Usually in the middle of the night. If I was heartless, I’d let him go all night long, but I’m not.

At 3 am for the past two nights I’ve gotten up and given him some herbs to calm the cough and offer him water. At which point he places his baby hands on my cheeks and so sweetly says, “I tired. Let’s go to sleep mama. Hold my hand.” It’s seriously the most tender thing you’ve ever heard.

In the hope that he’ll fall quickly asleep if I stay, I lay down. But he doesn’t fall quickly asleep, because he’s got this freaking cough. And like any mother with a sick babe, I can only rest fitfully. After and hour or more, we both conk out until he inevitably starts to cough again. It’s still too early in my opinion, but the sun is peaking through the edges of the curtains and he’s ready to roll. I’m not sleeping so good and that makes everything harder. End of story.

I need to find my motivation again. Re-read my initial post, start getting 8 hours of sleep again and drinking more water and less coffee. Yeah, it’s a lifestyle change, but it’s still not easy. Har-umph.

#17 4/24/13 Last Week This Week Difference Overall Loss
Weight (lbs) 238.5 242.5 +4 18.5 lbs
Left Leg (in) 30.5 30.5 0 -2
Hip (in) 50.5 50 -0.5 -3.5
Waist (in) 42 42.5 +0.5 -8.5
Chest (in) 43.5 44.5 +1 -3
Left Arm (in) 15.5 15.5 0 -1.5
Neck (in) 15 15 0 -1
Total inches Lost 19.5

Weigh In Wednesday #15

weigh in wednesdayI’m within 5 pounds of my first goal!! Pre-baby weight. It was so nice to step on the scale and see a 3 in the ten’s place. There’s a little elementary math for you.  Two months ago my goal was to keep my weight fluctuations within the 250’s and that seemed like it would never happen. Progress feels nice.

This week I also identified two reasons that will keep me from losing weight. They are:

  1. Copious amounts of macadamia nuts
  2. Chocolate almond butter (it’s better than frosting)

In moderation these are both healthy treats, but when eaten with reckless abandon, well you know.

Something I’ve also been trying, which started as a way of getting Porter to eat the food served at meal time, was the elimination of snacking. Don’t judge me, he still eats regularly, but now he (usually) eats at mealtime instead of grazing on snack foods all day long. The schedule looks like this: breakfast, lunch, PM snack, dinner. So far the results have been great and I spend less time in the kitchen preparing healthy snacks all day long. This also means that I snack less too, which feels good. I’m forced to find other things to do with all that spare time I’ve got these days (NOT!)


22 pounds feels a lot different than it looks.

weight loss 1 weight loss 2


#15 4/10/13 Last Week This Week Difference Overall Loss
Weight (lbs) 240 239 1 22 lbs
Left Leg (in) 31 30.5 -0.5 -2
Hip (in) 50.5 50.5 0 -3.5
Waist (in) 42 42 0 -9
Chest (in) 44.5 44 -0.5 -3.5
Left Arm (in) 15.5 15.5 0 -1.5
Neck (in) 15 15 0 -1
Total inches Lost -20.5







Weigh In Wednesday #14

weigh in wednesdayWe’ve reached the time of year where you can tell the people who resolved to take weight off actually followed through. I have a boatload of friends who (for many reasons) have been losing weight and are looking awesome. It makes a wonderful atmosphere to keep the momentum going and for us to inspire each other.

On the other hand, I experience some envy around the friends who went über gang-busters and lost a TON of weight really fast. A few years before Porter was born I did this too, but over the years it crept back on. What this means to me is that I have to constantly remind myself that I’m in this for the long haul and I have to set good examples for my son while doing it.

There is little interest for me in spending hours at a time working out in a gym, especially now that the weather is making the outdoors so enticing. I also have to remember that I’m resetting my lifestyle. One that includes healthy eating all the time and creative ways of being active that are inclusive of my whole family.

I guess the lesson this week is one I’ve learned many times over in other aspects of my life, that everyone is on a their own path. Everyone finds their success differently. I am enormously happy for my friends to get healthier with me, no matter how they go about it.

For the first time, since childhood, I’m making legitimately healthy choices. No sneaking candy or binging on baked goods. In fact, Porter and I have been baking together lately, and how can I not share in the foods we prepared while he’s enjoying them? I’m getting better at enjoying the small treats when they come along, setting that good example for Porter, and satisfying my sweet tooth with real food in a sustainable way. That feels pretty good.

#14 4/3/13 Last Week This Week Difference Overall Loss
Weight (lbs) 244.5 240 4.5 21 lbs
Left Leg (in) 31 31 0 -1.5
Hip (in) 51 50.5 -0.5 -3.5
Waist (in) 42 42 0 -9
Chest (in) 45 44.5 -0.5 -3
Left Arm (in) 15.5 15.5 0 -1.5
Neck (in) 15 15 0 -1
 Total inches Lost -19.5